Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vanilla Chai memories

Whenever I see this bottle of Bolthouse farms Vanilla Chai I'm instantly brought back to my summer 2007 vacation in Florida. I haven't been back since 08 because I never can go when the family is going.
Now every August I feel like something is missing and I know its the annual summer trip to grandmas. Mhmmh...oh well there's always next year.
Today I twisted open a bottle of this chai and poured it over a cup of ice and instantly feel as if I'm back there, on the boat trip we all took that summer.
There's half of the clan checking out the celebrity homes.
The family my aunt works for rented out this boat for a lazy afternoon tour of Hutchinson Island, so relaxing and that my friends is where I had my first sip of that vanilla chai as well as some interesting whole foods to-go platters. I'm sure I will always remember this trip, till the next one.

Is there an item or beverage that brings back a summer memory to you?
If so do share...


Slastena said...

Maggy- very cute picture of your family. I remember visiting Florida with friends good 7-8 years ago adn how we were driving on a small bota and were checking expensive waterfront properties too. Some of them werr so huge, more like palaces than anything else. Must be a pleasure to live like that.:) I know , I know money is not everything, but I am pretty sure I'd be happy in a place like that. Try me, someone!:))))

Maggy said...

Slastena-I know what you mean, its fun to dream. I think its so fun to drive through the more expensive neighborhoods in my area and get inspired,it also tests my knowledge on different architectural design features.