Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Friends

Hello Hello my dear friends, family, followers, basically anyone who has  noticed that I was on a hiatus.

 I feel as if I set sail on a personal growth boat. I have been busy working on myself, my relationships, school work, internship, work and planning a summer trip.  So now that you know I'm back I cannot wait to start blogging again. I felt as if I had so much to share, but no time to share it. Because as you know blogging isn't easy. Especially for those of us who take pride in our blog content.

 No matter how many followers 1-1,000 the only thing that matters to me is that someone out there is interested in my ideas, my photography and maybe even just my personality. That is the coolest part of blogging, connecting with other people from all around the world. 

Upcoming posts will be featuring more artist interviews, a 24 hr Palm Springs trip,  Road Less Traveled Store, interior design projects and of course those cute cats of mine. 


1 comment:

Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

Glad to see you back Maggy...you look great! I'm looking forward to all of your upcoming posts! :)