Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weekend at Leighs

Gotta love it!

   I absolutely love spending time with my sister and her girlfriend. Their apartment is one of my weekend destinations for sure. On one of my recent weekend visits we went to lunch at Paninoteca Maggio in Santa Ana. Great place for a quick bite. Its quite small err intimate might I add. But definitely full of charm as you can see in the pic above :) Of course this was just the beginning of our weekend adventure that Saturday afternoon. So off we were to the Mexican market to load up on spirits and prep for a very, umm strange movie night. Have you ever seen Troll, Labrynth, Strange Sex or Human Centipede II? 
Lets just leave it at that...

You know whut I'm saying?

Say ello to my little friend! 

Strange statues at the market.
Bang Bang pinata time. 

What if god was one of us? 

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