Monday, November 26, 2012

Sugar Spun Carnival & Fashion Show

Loved this UNIF sweater from Lobby.

A few weeks ago a friend and I attended the Sugar Spun Carnival and Fashion Show at the Lab featuring designs from Lola Paige, Urban Outfitters, Lobby and other designers. We had a blast sitting in the front row VIP section of the runway. We really did have a great view of all of the fall fashions. I took pics so I could show you my fav looks from the show! Thanks to Autumn & Putri for inviting Roadkill Ranch to this awesome event! 

PS: When I checked in at the VIP area they asked me if I was related to Kelly Slater, my response "YES" they're response "Where is he?"...

Another great find from The Closet

Calling out raffle winners.

And the winner is...

Super witchy, bitchy with a side of Jefferey Cambell.

Cute, romantic, feminine. 

Beautiful Calves...that must be what that guy is thinking. 

If this isn't fierce then I don't know what is. 

80's new wave vibes.

Hobo hats, big hair, 70s love.

A lil mixy alot of not matchy. 

Long on the sides short in the back Jefferey Cambell all over. 

Lana Del Rey meets Taylor Swift. 

Photogs in the Charlie Palmer ladies room.

On our way home from the fashion show we made a pit stop at Charlie Palmer at South Coast Plaza to visit a friend. I had never been there before, thought it was a pretty nice looking place. Their lighting fixtures are nice to look at and their wine cellar is quite impressive as seen below. 


One of many gorgeous lighting fixtures. 

Wine for dayz. 
My beautiful model Lindsey and the awesome staircase! 

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