Thursday, November 29, 2012

NCL Fashion Show

Pink balloons that represented a bidding area. 

    One very cool part of being a Roadkill girl is the fact that you get to go to fashion shows! Recently I attended the N.C.L. aka National Charity League of Whittier, fashion show which featured clothing from Roadkill Ranch. Not only that, we got to set up a mini boutique inside the Anaheim Hilton by Disneyland. What an adventure that boss drives a Hummer so parking was a bit of an issue. But we made it work and we did so in style! Here are some fun shots inside the event. 

Preparing for a fun fashionable day!

Me showing off some Roadkill swag!

Our mini boutique!

Tons of earrings to choose from!

Arm party anyone?

I just loved her outfit, adorable!

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