Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Another year gone but so much wisdom and blessings gained! 

If you know me well you know of my personal struggles I had faced and how far I have come. Its safe to say that persistence and hard work will get you places in life, as well as some tough love. Sometimes you have to take a step even if you cant see the stairs and just trust your gut feelings that it's happening for a reason. 

The best way to turn your dreams into reality is by writing a life list, like the one above! I created this list a while back and I have accomplished many of the tasks at hand. Whatever I didn't get to do I'm going to reassess and decide if I want it in my life and if so I'm adding it to my 2015 life list! By doing this I think I was able to look back at how many great blessings (in disguise) I was given!

Here is a photographic Memory book of my awesome year 2014 POR VIDA! What a crazy year of challenges & first times and big decisions!Everything happens for a reason and I'm so thankful for God and my guardian angels for leading my path to destiny! 

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