Thursday, February 13, 2014

Palm Springs in 24 hrs REVISITED

First off I just want to say that I cannot believe that the post below is almost 3 years old. And secondly I'm most certainly craving some R&R in Palm Springs. I mean how can you resist the 80 degree temps in early Spring? Oh and the slew of women in funky resort wear celebrating a last night of freedom before marriage! There's tourists too, from all over the world! That's when you know its good! 

So lets just step back three years in time and reminisce in an awesome trip I took with my mother to Palm Springs, CA! 

How come all of a sudden my mother and I get along better than we ever have before in our lives? 
 Is it because we've come to realize were both outdoorsy people, as in we like to drink on our porch. 
It is still a mystery, and one that I would rather not solve, because I love that we can get along. This is  something that most of my friends wouldn't be able to say about their mothers. Since we have evolved into a civilized mother daughter duo we went on a trip to Palm Springs, not just any trip, but a Palm Springs in 24 hrs trip! This was a trip of epic proportions, one which most would want to kill the other from so much fun packed into those 24 far too few hrs. We managed to get out alive and what we brought back were a shizz ton of photos and new memories. 

Are you ready? Let's go.

 In lol cat speak "In Southern Cali I can haz hot desert weather and snow capped San Jacinto Mtns!"

Lots of beverages were consumed during this trip, some soda, coffee, but mostly alcohol tea.

Our first major stop was at the lovely home decor boutique Distinctive Home PS. Loved the artwork on the walls, especially the 3D cube piece and the wrapped stools.  Lots of custom furniture, lighting fixtures, books, pillows And the owner was super friendly. 

We took a nice long stroll through House 849's sculpture garden. There is something magical about turning an otherwise ordinary corner to discover strange shapes among the mountain view backdrop. 

Intermission was spent laying poolside while being warmed up by the sun and swept away by the wind with a side of teenagers whose every other word was FUCK. So very relaxing. 

Upon sundown we stepped out for the evening, having dinner and drinks at the Kaiser Grill. And then a nice stroll through the weekly street fair which was entertaining as usual. 

Part of our Palm Springs in 24 hrs challenge was to pack as much in as we could. So later that night we slipped into the local casino. Neither my mother nor I play slots or any such betting so I took on the role of architectural photographer. At the time I was drawing reflected ceiling plans for project so this was great inspiration 

The final destination of the night was The Riviera hotel. I had just a moment to run in and take photos since my mom was waiting in the car. But I can say from what I saw that this is one glam hotel. Definitely want to see more of what it has to offer. 

The next morning came all too soon. I was in a grumpy mood since the "kids" in the room next to us were playing beer pong all night and slamming their door. And then at the pool...well never mind, lets just leave it at that. 

My day got better because we found where the nudist hotel was! I will admit I was really excited to go inside those doors. I have been following The Terra Cotta Inn's blog and was intrigued. The staff was friendly, however no photos allowed inside. I wonder why? 

It was back to the streets the remainder of the afternoon. There was a shop inside the El Paseo Plaza that caught our eye the day before so we had to go inside and check it out. Turns out the shop Not Neutral is not neutral at all with their super bright textiles,dinnerware, candle holders and garden accessories. We purchased two of the lime green candle holders because I couldn't resist. 

With a little help from (I'm assuming Christopher of) Christopher Anthony Ltd (which had the most wonderful scented candles) we were able to make our way to our final destination, the coveted Korakia Pensione. This my friend is is one sexy, hip Mediterranean inspired hotel. I could see this as a perfect place for a honeymoon since the weather in CA isn't getting as hot as it used to. 

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about this one of a kind trip.


Andee Layne said...

hahah i love your "thats what she said" ;) anyhow these pics are fantastic and make me miss Palm Springs! LOOOOOVE it out there!

LV said...

These are awesome photos and they do such a great job of documenting your trip. I love all of these gorgeous interior shots and it looks like you dined at some amazing places. These photos actually made me feel like I was there. This is a good time for Palm Springs because in another month it will be unmercifully hot. What was your favorite restaurant there?