Thursday, January 22, 2015

Out Of This World Active Wear

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you should be in the know that active wear inspired clothing is so in! I do admit that when this trend came out last Spring I was hesitant...but look at me now, I'm a huge sucker for it! Elevated jogger pants, elastic waistlines, varsity jackets, baseball caps and workout shoes just to name a few hot items from this trend. 

What I love most about this Active Wear movement is that you don't have to actually have to workout to wear it although I should start. Did you know it's only a week till February? Where does the time go? We'll no time to waist here! Take a look at some of my top items on my list, links included if you're loving them too!

Silk drapey Jogger Pant from WHBM I want them!

Tropicana Leggings Trina Turk makes me wanna go to Brazil or to the coffee shop, whatever happens first! 

Evie Leggings Anthropologie such a cute outfit for running errands lol. Did you catch get my joke? 

Blush sweatpants Kings Of Cole I could just sleep in these? Right? NO need to workout! 

Logo Baseball Cap GAP

There you have it, it's a start to either dressing up to workout or just getting a coffee and a target run! You be the decider of your destiny. 

Check back as may be adding more to this list of active wear!

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