Monday, January 12, 2015


The mirror is the best part of this and secondly it's super cozy looking! 

It seems that  no matter what I do I'm always attracted to the same interiors. I cant help but love fuchsia, gold, mirrors, eclectic collections, Persian rugs, and foliage all against a white background! I started collecting photos of some of my favorite spaces and noticed so many similarities its crazy. 

Everything about this space makes me feel like a kid again because when I was little I had a walk in closet as a bedroom and it was intimately kitschy. So this is like the spot on adult version !

This bedroom puts me at ease just looking at it. You knwo why? It reminds me so much of my Grandmothers bedroom in Florida! I instantly feel comfortable and relaxed just looking at the familiar setting. Bright and airy with greenery. 

The ultimate hangout tree house vibes are coming from this loft! I would totally chill out to Thievery Corporation and have a cold beer and guac in the space! 

I could walk up to this entry everyday and be sad leaving it every morning. Feels very light and not fussy whatsoever. LOVE! 

I could see cozying up in this corner and watching a movie or a marathon of Melrose Place (the original) lol! Love the Persian rug and pillows!

I have a white sofa and just need to find these pillows and a place like this and I would be in heaven! Do you see the little door under the stairs?? CUTE!

This is like just how I would have my entry because I love mermaids. Maybe I would decorate my backyard like this?
Very Mediterranean.

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