Thursday, April 5, 2012

Go West

Back in March my sister and I attended EXPO WEST to do some product research for Road Less Traveled!It was our first time attending and we were def. blown away by the awesomeness! 

If ya'll aren't familiar with what I'm talking about EXPO WEST is an annual springtime show held at the Anaheim convention center featuring natural products for all aspect of life including: health, beauty, textiles, food, and home accessories. There was an enormous amount of cool products and everyone was friendly and offered generous samples of their products! And since I had my badge on Saying my job title and company name it was a great way of doing some networking. 

While I was there I made sure to take photos of all the cool products displays as well as some people watching :)  ENJOY

(Below) Horizon and Silk milk display was massive and made from pallets. They even had a little patio. 

(below) Posing with the RC Garcia tortilla chip mime. 

(below) Digging the table scape at the Late July booth. 

(below) Navitas Naturals caught my eye with their cube display. 

(below) The Clif/Luna Bar general store was definitely a hot spot. 

(below) Art installation. 

(below) Henna tattoos. 

(below) Mrs Meyers Clean Day had an adorable booth which included a hand sink! 

(below) Method's Save Sushi ad is a work of art. 

(below) Hanging out at the Vita Coco boho beach booth!

(below) We fell in love with Nutraceutical's whimsical booth. 

(below) Was a pleasure to meet up with the guys from Back To The Roots!!

(below) Celeb sighting its Ziggy Marley!

(below) shots outside the convention center.

COMING UP NEXT: People watching at EXPO WEST!!!

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