Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Inspirations

The feelings of SADD are slowly leaving me as the weather creeps up past the 50 and 60 degree mark and daylight savings has made its way into my life.I live in So-Cal and I hate layering, I know I got So-Cal problems. During the long winter I usually hold my self over with a blast of my space heater while listening to Bossa nova and drinking a beer. This results in me congested and the possibility of hallucination! So awesome...why do I do this to myself? The sacrifices I make to pretend its warm and sunny! 

Below: All these photos have been taken during Spring 2012 because something about them brought great feelings of Spring and each one holds a memory to me. 

Top L-R: Pretty sandals I saw at my first Fullerton Farmers Market of the season, Laguna Beach Palm Trees blowing in the wind bring calmness to my mind, Patchwork signs mean the return of the Spring showcase. 

Bottom L-R: Drawing up window display idea's while sipping mint iced tea, reading Print Workshop book on a rainy day road Less Traveled, Taking a moment to myself at Newport Beach. 

What inspires you? 

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