Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Culver City Day Trip

Come along for a photographic adventure that takes place in Culver City! 
The week of my birthday I took 5 days off work in hopes of having my tax return ready to go on a vacation, but money came. But I still had an awesome birthday week and made sure to take advantage of those days off :) 

The first thing on my itinerary was a day trip to Los Angeles, I know it sounds stupid but I live in OC and hate the traffic so I rarely go outside the orange curtain :) But on this glorious Tuesday noon we made it there in no time flat! 
 First things first, a stop at the gas station for fuel for both us and the car! Does Katrina not  look excited? 

With the girls in the back and me and Nate in the front we left on our way out of OC, passing by the iconic Knotts Berry Farm skyline! If you're afraid of heights, then don't look! 

 So the main reason for going to Culver city that day was to look at art galleries, and well, take silly pictures. There were the best photo op areas like these orange and red squares on the wall! 

Long alleys 

It doesn't hurt to be tall and thin either...

And to top it off a huge pile of cracked concrete! 

And this is my fav pic I have taken of Katrina! Cute/crazy sums it up!

This was the only art gallery open that day :( It had these scarry ice cream cone people that had holes in them. Im pretty sure this explains why I had a nightmare a few days later involving my hands having holes al over them!!!

I love that Nate was in the moment and everyone else is moving, texting, oblivious to whats going on. And its also taken at a bus stop, ironic how its called a stop when most who us it are on the go.

This is one of many models they had on display at the SPFA: Studio Pali Fekete Architects

I couldnt resist taking a photo of  the color combos of Pinches Taco's exterior paint job against those succulents. So exotic! 

We attempted to eat lunch at fathers office, but they weren't open yet :( I have been wanting to go here for a while now! So I just took a pic in front of it to prove my defeated attempt.

This shot was of us in the mirror that was in the back of the store but taken from outside the front door. 

My fav concrete design: The Nixon! 

We spotted Cool Haus didnt know they had a location in Culver City?

We all liked this piece that was hanging on the outside of a building....

And this is the home of the artist who painted the above artwork. Can you decifer her design aesthetic? Black background and white silhouette! She was very friendly and so were her 5 cats! 

Well my friends, this concurs my trip to Culver City, later that day we headed to Santa Monica and Venice...which will be posted soon. So many great shots from this day! 

Also next week June 10th is PATCHWORK CULVER CITY! You should go, its at HELMS BAKERY!


dinagideon said...

Oh, thank you for this journey.  As I spent some years in La Mirada, these are very familiar images, especially the one of Knott's Berry Farm!  :)

You all look so happy and cheerful!!!  Definitely brought a smile to my face to see you all having such a good time!

DecoAurora said...

Haha love that you Know what Knotts berry farm is, I just got a pass and cant wait to go! I think the best part of blogging is connecting with people that have similar interests or have lived where you do. The world is smaller than we think :)