Friday, April 6, 2012

Best Dressed @ EXPO WEST

          After looking at all of the glorious products and even crazier displays I decided to it was time to take a break and do some people watching. I have to confess that sometimes when I go to the mall or a theme park I prefer to people watch over anything else. 

       Im guilty of playing a game of "is that or is that..." in reference to celebrity look alikes :) It may sound stupid at first but it passes the time and is a guaranteed laugh. And sometimes you might actually see a celeb so be on the lookout below because there is a photo of a famous musician! Can you spot him or her? 

       On another note, Im thinking not many people have been photographed for a blog and some of the people I asked were kind of confused as to why I wanted their photo. Well...I partly wanted to show photos of people at the convention, but not just any old people. I wanted to show the most stylish and cool looking attendees of EXPO WEST. I tried and this is what I gathered from my field study (don't I sound like some smart ass anthropologist) lots of yellow, chambray, colored jeans, large bags, black flats, black rim glasses and boots. 

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