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Muriel's Wedding

Muriels Wedding is what you get when you mix early 90s culture, Australia and ABBA. To think that al these years I would walk by this movie on the shelf at blockbuster...what was I thinking. How is it that I hadn't seen this film before? Maybe you have already and you might think its so-so, but I think that its some sort of a cult classic! I love Toni Colette's character and how she is out of her mind in many ways, and gotta love the ABBA soundtrack. As a kid I listened to them all-the-time!

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If you know a thing or two about fashion then you have picked up on the ever rising 90s trend that's been just waiting to become mainstream again. Come on you know you wanna wear a silk Dolce & Gabanna shirt with your colored jeans! And don't forget about those neon Navajo printed skirts/shirts you name it its Navajo.

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A friend of mine put a photo of us as kids on her Facebook and it got us all starting up on what we were wearing. Lots of floral and brown lipstick! Wow, did any of you wear that shade on your lips?

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The girl in the background looks alot like what I did as a kid in the 90s. I had that Stephanie tanner thing going on. I always wanted to be like her even though now I look back and think she was more annoying than the neighbor.

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Part of me realllllllllllly wants to wear a cropped long sleeved shirt. And then part of me is like wtf are you thinking? And then I'm like yeah that's not gonna work.

If you have or have not seen this film just watch it for the awesome fashion and the strangely funny story-line. 


dinagideon said…
OMG. LOVE LOVE LOVE Muriel's Wedding. In fact, upon receiving my Kindle Fire, this was the VERY first thing I watched with my streaming netflix.

My first boyfriend and I watched this tons, and would yell out to each other -- "Yurr Turribul Mewr-eeee-elll." Hee.

Thanks for reminding the world about the awesomeness that is this flick.

Oh, and in parting -- "Yah CUHNT STAHWP PROW-GRESS!!!"
DecoAurora said…
Thats soo funny Dina! I love that you are a fellow 90s pop culture fan! I cant believe there are soo many movies from that era that I have yet to see.

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