Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Venice Venture

As I continue my venture from Culver City to Venice Beach I realized that LA can seem so far but so close. In my previous post I had a comment from Dina, writer of My Superfluities who resides in Virginia. Her comment mentioned that she had recognized the icon Knotts Berry Farm Skyline! A comment such as hers made me re think my views on "how long it takes to get to LA". The fact that someone who lives across the country commented on the fact that they recognized something that is part of my backyard was an eye opener. 

So friends lets start the second leg of our mini LA adventure continuing in Venice Beach! 

The crew was groggy and the sky was too, it was time to fill up on some cafe espresso and lattes from Espresso Cielo (also located in Palm Springs)! All of us being from Coffee Shop backgrounds agreed that this one was a winner, if not better than Inteligensia! 

Rad skaters! 

I was drawn to the Free People window display . Artsy, organic, feminine. 

Super hot model guy was posing away next to this super gangster mural at Venice Beach! He reminded me of Skeet Ulrich! SO 90's SO HOT! 

This is what it looked like walking down the boardwalk...

Loved the couple to the left. Venice beach always makes me think of Xanadu! This time there were less roller skates and more skaters though. 

The guy on the right must be a model, or I must be a great photographer! 

Three fourths of the group. Katrina refused to walk on the sand. This is why she looks like she is a giant floating person above Leigh and Nate who were walking below. 

Dont ask what the robot face is for...Im not sure. Im guessing it was a garage door opener? Wildflour Pizza had a cool store front, love the bright yellow, really bold choice. Super cool window display using spools of yarn! And yeah those are some huge binoculars! 

Hope you had fun on my photo adventure of Venice and Santa Monica! These are my fav posts, sharing photos about more than what I wore...or what to buy...just cool experiences. 

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