Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OC weekly & KCRW Happy hr @ Memphis

I've had a great night, but tonight wasn't it..I'm kidding! Of course I had a GREAT time at the KCRW OC Weekly happy hr at Memphis at the Santora in Santa Ana. It was my third time attending the awesemness event hosted by Gustavo Arrelano and Evan Klieman, both great hosts! 

This time around was a bit different from the other happy hours, how so you ask? Well, upon arrival you were given 5 free drink tickets while supplies lasted. And with those drink tickets you were able to try a sample size of OC's top 5 bar tenders concoctions!!!! Ohhhh YEAHH you read that right. 

  Broadway By Amar Santanas Gabrielle Dion and Cantina Lounge's Ricky Yarnall 

The bartenders were super nice and friendly while serving up some really unique cocktails including flavors such as anise, ginger, beet and root beer, absinthe and more. You can even see the recipes for the drinks served that evening on OC weekly's blog

About to try our drinks: Leigh, Myself and Katrina sampling out signature cocktails!

Gastronome Gallery co-founders: Fatima Shekarchi and Michaele Musel

320 Mains Matthew Robold 

Is that the same stuff made from glow sticks? 

The infamous "Chris Langley" and his lady friend entourage. 

Time to exit the building.
Till the next happy hour


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