Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh my goth

The 90's is alive in more than just Portland! If you know what I mean, than you know what I mean. And if you dont, then Im sorry cause I aint gonna spalaaaain myself! So yeah, the 90s are back cause every twenty or so years, clothing from those twenty or so years ago tend to come back into fashion. 

I find myself wanting floral print overalls, plaid dresses, combat boots and of course a leather jacket. So when my sisters birthday rolled along last month we decided to go outside of the norm and make a pit stop at the local Goth club. This my friends seems to be a bit of a frightful event for some. But let me assure you that its more than ok to show up to the goth club and have a good time. No questions asked. 

My sister and I gathered a few friends and we got into character. So take a look below at the lovely pics and make an appearance at Necropolis in Downtown Santa Ana! Dont worry the crowd doesn't bite :) 
Long live the goths! 

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dinagideon said...

Aaah, Portlandia. Love it. It actually got me through a ridiculous cold/flu that knocked me off my feet and made me bedridden for about a week.

I can't do the early 90s...I still have the emotionally scarring proof of me wearing it in its original inception as a teenager. The photos are at once sentimental and kind of frightening. LOL.