Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Chalk Board Wall

Hey everyone, If you have been to the road less traveled store than you have surely seen our massive chalkboard wall near our craft/workshop area. This was one of the first DIY projects we took on when we moved into the new space at GCAC. Our chalkboard has been the perfect place for our monthly workshops to be displayed and it always looks awesome thanks to Leigh Slater, our chalk artists and program coordinator. 

Leigh recently re-did our chalkboard for April so I sat down and talked with her about her inspirations and some tips for making your chalk pop off the board. But first let me tell you how we created our chalk board. Its easy and doesn't cost very much money to create on your own. 

DIY chalk board supply list:
painters tape
measuring tape 
paint brushes
chalk paint  
(we used rust-oleum specialty chalk paint)

5 easy steps for making a chalk board wall:
1. The first thing we did was figure how tall and wide we wanted our chalk board to be. It is really up to you how big or small. We chose for ours to be HUGE.

2. We pulled out our scale and measuring tape and started to measure out our chalk board on the wall. Use the scale to make sure your lines are straight. Place painters tape on the wall in small pieces because its easier than one long strip. 

3. When you are done placing tape on the wall stand back and make sure everything looks right and is straight .
4.Prepare chalk paint and begin painting it onto the wall (we used one layer of paint) and let dry. 

5.After paint has dried peel painters tape off of wall and check for any areas that may need some touch-ups.

Congrats you have completed your first DIY chalkboard wall!

Now check out how chalk artist Leigh Slater makes our monthly chalkboard calendar come to life! 
* dip your chalk in water for a crisp and bright look *

* brainstorm your inspirations on paper before you start drawing on the board *

* be safe and use a ladder for hard to reach places *

* keep a wet towel handy for erasing chalk * 

* step back and admire your work, because after all you did it yourself * 

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