Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Celeb Thinspiration: Its time

Nicole Ritchie looking fab in her leather jacket after the gym. 

     The temperature has dropped here in So-Cal and so has my drive to workout. I usually do so outdoors in the neighborhood and nearby park. But lately with the cold I just want to hibernate and be cozy by drinking high calorie coffees and comfort foods...but this is not going to get me into shape. So I thought what would inspire me to get up and start moving? 

    Looking at celebs in their cute workout gear looking fab after their workouts has inspired me to pull out those yoga pants and stop play American Horror Story on Netflix and put the Latin Dance workout instead. God, sometimes I wish I was a gym member or in kickboxing again, that's when I was in the best shape ever. But we can't always get what we want, at least not right that second. So I shall start logging, jogging and we'll see where I stand in one month. CHECK YA LATER! 

Gwen Stefani Running, running as fast as she can. 

Elle Mc-Fierce-on looking amazing. How does she do it? 

Ashley Greene looking fresh faced for a workout. 

Minka Kelly wont let no rain stop a workout...why should I? 

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