Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Built This City Window Display

Eloisa adding some final touches.
    This winter we made a mini city window display at Road Less Traveled! It's pretty cool what you can make from something that would have gone into the trash. We used cardboard boxes, markers, paint, cotton balls, fishing wire, box cutters & Christmas lights. We all had a blast putting this display together thanks to the reggae Christmas playlist on Pandora, highly recommended :) Stop by the shop to see in person! 


Feeding the lights into the boxes.

Funny Reggae  Christmas song # 1

Funny Reggae Christmas song # 2

We built this city!

The city from behind.

Windows by: Eloisa Bordador, Maggy Slater, Delilah Snell, Leigh Slater

P.S. Here is last years window display  I designed with the help of Eloisa :) 

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