Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The puppy needed a washing and I needed a new pair of jeans, what better idea than to take him to the groomers and myself to the GAP! Aha moment for this puppy mom! I dropped Loki off to our usual place All About Puppies! We really like this place and he always comes out happy and looking fabulous! I was told that Loki falls asleep while their trimming him :0 Anyhoo Mommy was off to the South Coast Plaza to get her shop on! Coffee in hand I was ready to go enjoy myself! Btw I wish I still had these sunglasses...where did they go? This is why I can't have nice things, they go missing LOL! 

I arrived to South Coast Plaza and started trying on the jeans at GAP. I also tried on these really cute tops, but I think they make me look bigger or like I'm pregnant, and so I said NO...but I love this boxier style of tops...ahhhh oh well! 

I ended up leaving with these white jeans! I love them, but they're tight as a...I don't know what...but they make my butt look great! The only disadvantage is I cant wear them to work :( and this Summer was so hot I didn't even get to wear them more than a few times. Maybe this fall I will pair them with something! 

Just when I was getting used to trying on clothes and finding things I loved, I got a call from the groomers! Loki was ready to go! NOOO! But I had to finish up my try on session and drive back to get this crazy pup! Look how happy he was to see me! 

Since Loki looked so adorable I just had to take a picture with the Easter Bunny at Brea Mall! The kids were all loving it, the photo staff not so much, but they let me do it anyway lol! The joys this little guy brings in our lives is crazy! 

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