Monday, December 5, 2011

Patchwork Festival Culver City

Back in November my mother and I volunteered at the Patchwork Festival in Culver City, California. This was the first time the festival was held in location and it was a very successful show. I was able to take lots of photos of my favorite vendors that I wanted to share with you all. So if you're still looking for holiday gifts you're sure to find great ideas in this post! 

Join me on a trip to Patchwork Culver City Ya'll!

 Arriving at Helms Bakery!

 Tacos form Piaggio on Wheels  was a lunchtime treat indeed! 

 Photo booth with Chris+Jen Photos was a huge hit! 

 The Urban Craft Center was on hand for crafty advice. 

 We sold all sorts of cool vintage sodas.

 Kelsey is modeling alongside her super rad  upcycled Kelso Doesnt Dance notepads and accessories

 Ohh yeah, C. Salt gourmet is as good as it looks! Loved your displays Courtney.

 The ladies at Hallo Jak were swamped. 

 Admiring Patchwork Co-founder Nicole Stevenson's booth for Random Nicole.

 Loved the simple and cool look of the jewelry at Lo-Fidelity Love

 The Dj's were playing the JAMZ! 

 Getting down over at the OPEN booth! 

 Some of the decorations that I cut out one day and someone else painted the next. 

 Lovely display at Two Hands Greeting Cards

 Really digging the RELIGHT candle display with the cooler!

 Really liked the designs at White Fly

 The designs at Sweet Perversion are Killer!

 I bought one of the T-shirt necklaces from Myfriendroze and I love it!

 Can I have one of each? Please? I couldn't get enough of the Peanut Butter Dynamite knits!

 Patchwork Co Founders Nicole and Delilah. 

 Me working at the jam van!

 Cleaning up after a fun filled day at Patchwork Culver City!


Paula said...

Thank you for taking all the photos, I love to see documentations like yours!
I response I can "give" you a small dcomentary, too, including a pop-up cafe and a workshop:

The Dynamite cushions are very, VERY cute. (They are no knits, but crocheted!)

Have a good start in the new week.

greetings, Paula

Denise Pacurar said...

I love local events like this! We have so many in Portland where I live! So many amazing local artists!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!


akiko said...

Sounds like a fun event and the photos look great! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) xo akiko
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