Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Windy n Dry

November in California is a very dry month. The Santa Ana winds start blowing and I just take a shower and douse myself in body butter! But in reality I dragged my butt outta the house, filled my dry watering well eyes with some drops got me a coffee and was good as new. I wore a Levis tunic that day that my sister got for me. Not sure If I'm gonna keep it. Kinda makes me look like a house on legs. 

Better news! 
We received a whole new set of towels from Coyuchi at Road Less Traveled. Coyuchi is 100% organic cotton and was featured in Oprah Magazine last month Ohh lala! 

Top: Levis
Leggings: JC Penny
Boots: Thrift store

Im noticing I wear those boots and leggings alot. 

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