Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wonder-Fall Wedding

Back in October I had the pleasure of going to a family friends wedding. It was extra special because my boyfriends Mom flew in from Florida and we got to see the wedding together.This was a beautiful ceremony, lots of joyful tears. You could really feel the love. The wedding was held at the Pacific Palms Resort in Industry, CA. The grounds of this facility are gorgeous, and include a 36 hole golf course and on a clear day there is a view of the San Gabriel Mountains! I really enjoyed walking around the resort looking for our party. 

After the wedding ceremony we strolled on over the the resort's convention center ballrooms. The architecture of this building was impressive and featured a very modern stained glass arched ceiling. The colors were bold and caught my attention. While waiting for the wedding party we had refreshments outside the ballroom on the mezzanine. Loved the way they displayed the cheese on a bottom lit glass table help by champagne glasses. The upward lighting made everything glow. I took a walk around the convention center and took a few photos of the architectural details. 

By the time I finished wondering it was time to be seated for dinner. The ballroom was TDF! So romantic and filled with warm pink lighting. I loved the floral arrangements and there was even a shield made of flowers with the grooms last initial! The DJ's played great music Pink Martini, Hotel Costes, Koop, Bebel Gilberto, Sergio Mendes! Seriously all the music I love, it was great. We danced, we drank and we had a wonderful time with our table member's including the brides father and my boyfriends family that we don't get to see often. The night went by fast, but the pics will last. 

Congrats Jenn & Dustin

So I picked out my favorite photos of the night to share, take a look below. 

As tradition goes, the single man that catches the garter is next to get married....and look who caught it :) 

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