Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Gettin myself cultured"

Seems lately that the only culture I have had around me was in the yogurt parfait I ate on my lunch break. I can't remember the last time I went to an art show...well that's not true. I went like 2 years ago. But you see, that is my point. I want to get back into that scene. So when my boss lady Delilah said she was going to be working her Jam Van at an opening for a show at CSUF I figured it must be something cool. I saw the flier and was intrigued... AQUIRED TASTE: Food and the art of consumption. Perfect. I'm already becoming a so-called foodie. So meshing foodie with arty you got my attention. 

So off I went. I brought along my mother and my food enthusiast boyfriend who begs me to branch out a bit more food wise. Hey look look I have had Tripe before, does that count as eating outside the box? Anyway let's look at what fun stuff was going on at the show. 

Delilah Snell was in full force with her "Backyard in a Jar Line" along side her moving pop up shop aka the Jam Van. She had two hot sellers that night "ginger peach" and "passion fruit". My mom will be serving the passion fruit @ thanksgiving with our cheese plate btw. 

Throughout the outside of the art buildings there were projections of faces on the walls, tree's and floating boxes to promote unity. 

Here we go with Acquired Taste! My absolute favorite part of the show was the Curry Powder Wallpaper! Walking in you immediately could smell it and wondered where it came from. And then you see it on the walls. Very cool and something I appreciate as an aspiring interior designer. I wont say much more about the exhibit because I think you should experience it for yourself!

 The next building over was also having an opening exhibit HAZE. The man seen in the photo below documented the Los Angeles Air quality through photos taken every day on top of Signal Hill in Long Beach, CA. He then matched the skys color to different paint swatches and the outcome was pretty spot on. Go check it out!

Begovich Gallery, California State University, Fullerton
800 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA (just north of Nutwood Avenue)


Unknown said...

i LOVE these photos Maggy!! they rock1-xo

Deco Aurora said...

Thanks Lady for checking it out!