Monday, November 21, 2011

Playing Catch Up

After a few weeks of being busy with cool events, RLT, school, work  :) I finally bought myself a new memory card reader for my camera. I have no clue where the old one went. Is it under my pile of homework?

Later this week I will be blogging up a storm with all of the cool places I went to and had a shoot out with my camera!

In the meantime check out...

My Beautiful friend Izumi has recently started a blog Hybrid Hunter, and I'm addicted!
 If you're a fan of the following fashion trends: Utilitarian-Minimalista-Nor-Cal-Grunge-Sweaters you need to check out her blog stat. 

Delilah Snell, owner of Road Less Traveled Store will be teaching one more Holiday Gifts In A Jar workshop on December 4th. This class has a limited amount of students so sign up soon!

I might be the only person I know that absolutely loves Christmas music! I have been listening to it for a week now. Crazy- I know! 
I have discovered the Electronic Holidays Radio station on Pandora and cant get enough. Check it.

My middle name is Elaine but it should be changed to Espresso because I hearts it so much :) I'm constantly on the look out for independent coffee shops that offer a great ambiance as well as my addiction "espresso drinks"!
 I had heard of this cafe "Milk+Honey" before and I ventured in the other day. Loved loved loved the look of their shop and the taste of their earthy Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I will drive out of my way for a "coffee experience" and I reccomend you do the same. 

Dont forget to go to Patchwork Holiday Show Santa Ana! ITS FREE
patchwork card
This Sunday November 27th from 11-5pm 
@ Main street&Buffalo in Santa ana near Bowers Museum!!!!
I will be working at the show so say hi if you see me :)

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Thank you for the shoutout Maggy! ;)