Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's been a busy week for me, I first wanted to let you all know that I'm #INSPIRED! I've been given a second chance to get ahead in this crazy life! Hoping to get things lined up and to work smarter not harder. I took a moment yesterday to look at my 
A few years ago, in no particular order I started listing what I envisioned needing in order to have a fulfilled life! Here are a few that stand out and keep me plowing towards my vision! 


After realizing my vision I have continued to add to my list more recently what I need to get even closer to my life vision! 

Here is a peek into my daily life! You can see more on my INSTAGRAM

Finding an open space to decompress feels good on the brain. 

Collecting a new batch of Vintage clothing for my online store.

Reading about places I want to travel to.

Margarita Glasses reminding me that one of my Fav Holidays Cinco De Mayo is coming up! 

Eating better almost 80% of the time and working out with my love! 

Finding inspiration in the sale bin at #anthropologie, this could work for my Marriage announcement! 

Reading my fav new book at The Lost Bean coffee Shop!

See more pics on my INSTAGRAM

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