Monday, November 14, 2011


It's time to introduce you to yet another interior design project! 

Challenge: Design a vendor shop for a nationally advertised coordinated line of up-scaled hand bags appealing to young women from the ages 18-30. Located on the floor of a major department store, the shop is contained within 1,000 sq ft. The foot print is open to the design concept.  

This was a very interesting project to get my hands on. I feel as if it was one that I had fun doing and yet was challenging. I really loved the way it came out and noticed that symmetrical designs can work really well in retail spaces. Took a while to get a good flow for the shop since it has 3 different entrances and features 36 handbags on display. 

I created a theme and logo for my project. The handbag store's name is Bagette, a play on words as you see it is not spelled correctly. I decided on using the "Quatrefoil" motif for my logo and used it throughout the store. They say in design repeat, repeat, repeat! I chose a super neutral color scheme with taupe, cream, tan, brown and bronze so that the bags would be center stage. 

As an added challenge for this project we made a white on white study model of the space at 1/4" = 1'  so that the client could have a better understanding of the space.

Oh yeah, and I tried my best to dress along with my presentation, a tip I read about from successful Business woman Jill Mceever of For Strange Women.

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