Monday, October 31, 2011

Fullerton College Faculty Lounge Renovation

Welcome to the newly renovated Fullerton College Faculty Lounge, finally a reason worth staying later at school than your salary requires. 

I took sad old outdated W.P.A.  inspired space and gave it a relaxed upscale modernized Spanish Revival vibe that was much needed. The space was inspired by the feathers of a peacock, the colors emerald green, cobalt blue, gold, and brown are prominently used in the space. The space is used for a variety of reasons other than a lounge. At times there may be receptions for up to 30 people and  a wi-fi location for 6 people. 

There are defined spaces for the varied uses as you can see in the floor plan which includes 3 separate entrances a kitchenette and is fully A.D.A. compliant. As a whole the lounge looks as if it could be straight from a downtown clubhouse from the 1930's. A major "WoW" factor is the lighting which features custom made lanterns depicting peacocks as well as large drum pendant lights in the center of the room where the ceiling's a frame is located. 

Oh yeah and I also paired my outfit to match my presentation. A emerald green tunic with gold detailing. I cropped myself out because I looked CRAZY/TIRED. 

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