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A Mans Love For Makeup

 Some of us use makeup to hide parts of ourselves we want unknown.
 But according to makeup artist Anthony Nguyen
"Everything has a story to tell. Makeup begins with a simple stroke, the rest is infinite." 
The story about this man's love for makeup is an inspiring one. Anthony is extremely talented and humble, something you rarely find in people these days. I was very excited when he said yes when  asked to do an interview . So lets start or story...

Tell us about yourself.  

I'm a 24 year-old makeup artist. I've been doing makeup for about 6 years now. When I was younger, I used to create short films and was lucky enough to have them screened internationally at various film festivals for young amateur filmmakers. After that, I got into photography and fell in love with the world of beauty and fashion.

I studied a few photography and film making classes in college at Fullerton and Mt. SAC College in CA. That's pretty much where makeup all started! I would do makeup for actors behinds the scenes and on my model's faces for shoots, not even realizing it came naturally...I fell in love with makeup ever since!

 I loved the ability to enhance, transform, and bring out different characters in people.
image via (Anthony Nguyen)

What Colors make you happy?

Colors that make me happy are probably colors I wouldn't wear, since I mostly wear all black or neutral colors. But bright and bold colors like teals, yellows, & fuchsias make me happy...think Disneyland colors! 
image via (

When did you realize you wanted to be a makeup artist? 

Makeup started off as just a hobby. I was never confident in my skills in the beginning, and doubted the idea of making something big out of this. After being exposed to the makeup world and the professionals in the industry, I realized it was something I had to just plunge myself into.

 After a few years experience doing makeup, a good friend told me to try and focus on one thing, and do it well. So I figured I'd take my passion for makeup artistry to a whole new level, and go full throttle. Since then, I've involved myself in doing makeup for fashion editorials, runway, celebrities, and TV. 
image via (Anthony Nguyen)

What are your favorite makeup/cosmetic products? 

Shu Uemura false-lashes! Nothing can mimic the look and feel of it. From natural to avant-garde, Shu Uemura lashes are a piece of luxury to the eyes. Lately I've also been in love with MAC's Cream Color Base for highlighting, contour, and blush. It makes skin look like pure milk. Just clean and perfect. 

Another product I love is Cover Girl's Outlast lip-stain markers. I love how it gives a youthful, yet sexy look without any visible sign of texture. Just a simple wash of color to the lips. 
image via (Anthony Nguyen)

What types of events do you do makeup for? 

I do makeup for fashion editorials, runway, TV, weddings, or any special occasions from red-carpet, to a simple night out for a special date. 
image via (Anthony Nguyen) 

What do you think will be a hot look for 2011? 

Obnoxiously bright pops of neon color! 

Light-bulbed contrast to the max.

Nothing too clean, just quick swipes of color whether it be a bright lip, or smudged liner...Only showcasing one feature for a modern touch. 

2011 is a time to appreciate all things un-natural!! haha. 
Image via ( Anthony Nguyen)

If you could makeup one lucky celebrity who would it be and why? 

Honestly, one would be Lady Gaga. She is definitely not afraid to explore, and I'm all about crossing the line and forgetting about boundaries with style. I just think she's an all around great artist, and I respect her for having a positive message. 

I would also love to do Leah Michele, because I’m obsessed with ‘Glee’! 
image via (

Any final notes you want to share?

A final note I'd like to add is to always believe in yourself! Because if you don't, no one else will. If you have talent, you have to expose yourself. 

Always be involved with what you love doing, surround yourself with people that will motivate and inspire you. 

Always move forward and grow, never backwards! 
Image via ( Anthony Nguyen)

For more info and to contact Anthony Nguyen go to


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