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Bahati-Bold, Rich and Vibrant African Inspired Collection

About Bahati

Bahati is an up and coming fashion and accessories collection straight out of Nairobi, Kenya that is is both inspiring and beautifully made.

Patricia Wakaimba is the founder of Bahati and contacted me about her collection and I'm so glad she did. Her designs are truly unique and perfect for us girls who love modern bright bold prints and fun styles and shapes inspired by Africa. Perfect for the Spring and Summertime now, and years to come. Her collection is made on site in a small workshop in Nairobi and is a fair trade and ethical brand. And to top it all off Patricia and Bahati are working to raise awareness against the harmful effects of Female Genital Mutilation.

Clothing Handbags Accessories

Female Genital Mutilation

FGM is a harmful, crippling practice that alters the lives of millions of young girls forever. It is irreversible; its consequences haunt the girls long after the procedure. This subject is very dear to me and I strongly believe that information, education and public discussion are more effective tools against FGM than direct, prohibitive action. Culture cannot be changed over night.

Programmes such as ‘circumcision through words’ are being introduced in Kenya as a way of incorporating the cultural/ traditional aspect that is associated with the circumcision only without the procedure. Such efforts are highly commendable and are in need of our support.

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Thien Le said…
First, I saw the great textiles of her outfit and then I see genital mutilation. Freaked me out a little. Send me the link to that white girl version of me!

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