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Target The Military Dog's Bittersweet Story

Todays episode on Oprah featured amazing animals so I tuned in because I have always had a soft spot for animals in my heart. Lot's of the stories were so cute and inspiring, but one in particular was overwhelmingly sad. I was so affected by the story about Lucky, a stray dog from Afghanistan whom helped to stop a suicide bomber from killing sleeping soldiers. While the audience was all weeping at the story I just sat there and thought to myself that is one cool dog. They then brought out Target to the audience and her owner Sgt. Young. She sat down right at his feet and she looked so sweet, loving and innocent with her little beetie eyes.
When Oprah went to a commercial break there was an update on Lucky, which I completely thought was some sort of error. It read that Target had gone missing and that she had accidentally been euthanized by her local animal shelter. I couldn't believe what I had just read! This is one of the saddest things to me and I didn't expect it. I was hoping the update would be something like "Target is having a blast living in the U.S." I know there are more people out there who saw this episode and are just as saddened by this. My throat hurts just thinking about this because it's making my eyes well with tears.

Please Spay and Neuter your pet's if you love them!
Please adopt pet's from shelter if you love them!
Please I.D. Chip pet's if you love them!


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