Thursday, October 6, 2011

First look at the new Snow White movie costumes

This semester I decided to take on a double major,, my second major being textile design. My curriculum is split into two parts interior design and fashion design. I'm currently taking a class called apparel analysis and it's making my mind go cra-cray over fashion! I knew before that I was interested in clothing but now it's being taken to a whole new level. Since my fav holiday is coming up (Halloween) and I'm not having my annual party I feel a void is missing. So to fill that void I have just been fawning over costume designs and decorating for the season to keep me from becoming S.A.D. 

While browsing my gossip sites I came across a slide show of some shot's from the yet to be titled Snow White movie featuring Lilly Collins (who is that?) and Julia Roberts. I love fantasy/period films because of the elaborate costuming and set designs. I think it must be way hard to create a world that doesn't exist like say harry Potter? 

Enough jibber jabber onto the photos...right? 
Ok one more thing I have become obsessed with peacock feathers again. And I saw that Julia has them on her dress! Way cool. And Lilly Collins has a freaking Swan on her head! 
It's like a mix of black swan meets Bjork swan!

Julia Roberts-Evil Queen
Now that's one fierce trick. 

LILY COLLINS AS SNOW WHITE   photo | Lily Collins
Lilly Collins-Snow White
Bjork Swan meets Black Swan.

THE SEVEN DWARVES    photo | Lily Collins
Seven Dwarfs
Peer Pressure! Just eat it dammit!

 SNOW & THE QUEEN    photo | Julia Roberts, Lily Collins
Evil Queen & Snow White
Are you sure that ain't Glinda from The Wiazard of Oz?

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Erika [small shop] said...

Wow very theatrical! Lilly Collins looks perfect for the part.

Will they sing?