Friday, October 14, 2011

Spanish Class

For the past few weeks I have been working on a fun, but stressful project in my design studio class and thought I would share with you some of my ideas. 

My client is Fullerton College and their sad space aka the faculty lounge that has been long forgotten over the years. Fullerton College has been around since 1913...and the faculty lounge was originally designed in the late 1920s-mid 1930's during the Spanish revival period  in Southern California. Today Fullerton College is planning on making the campus more modern and to code while stilling paying homage to it's roots. 
The faculty lounge...see what I mean? 

Not everything about this space is completely horrible just 99.9% haha. It has potential, for example, hidden behind the hideous acoustic tiles is a fabulous vaulted ceiling with exposed beams! And outside the doors is a patio, perfect for a warm day. 
It's a diamond in the rough, and it's my job to chisel the hell out of it and make it sparkly and new! Where to begin....where to begin...

My plan of attack:
(sorry for the quality)

If you haven't noticed the picture above is of a peacock. I came across this photo while browsing through magazines looking for inspiration. I became obsessed and had to have a space that was built around emerald green, cobalt blue and gold. So I went from there. I notice that once I have a theme it's so much easier for me to narrow down fabric swatches, tiles, counter tops, paint, furniture,lighting,flooring accessories, you get it.

You like? 

 I can see this framed on the wall. 

Perfect peacock wall sconces! 

Peacock Feather Rug
Rug from Pier 1 imports

Imagine if the courtyard looked like that!

Actress Diane Keaton's home featured in her book "California Romantica" Spanish, Colonial, & Mission Style Houses. (I want this for xmas btw).

I think my choices will stand out because most others chose warm colors like red and orange. I want my space to be luxurious and upscale and comfortable for box men and women. And I might just be crazy but I'm starting to see peacock feathers and motifs everywhere! You know they say when you know what you want it will find you. Or is it that you will find it..? 

While in class a new design student was looking at my work and said I was his favorite. That felt really good to hear that. 

So one last thing before I go (crazy) I went on a little excursion a few weeks ago in DTF aka downtown Fullerton. I stopped by the Villa Del Sol, a great little courtyard with shops and cafes not to mention Spanish revival architecture. Go to the Brownstone Cafe while you're there. Order the Tomato Basil Bisque. Mmmk

After departing the Villa Del Sol drive around the hills in Fullerton they are full of beautiful Spanish Revival homes! Take a look. 

Can't wait to show you the final project. 

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Christine said...

Oh. My. God.

You had me at peacock. This sounds absolutely fabulous!

I need to know how this ends up.

Good luck with your project! ;)