Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 though 18 yr old eyes

I can hardly believe how fast the past 10 years have gone by. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just graduated high school, having an awesome summer, met a guy, had not a care in the world. Summer was filled  with lots of parties and working odd jobs and counting down the days till I would start my first semester of college. I was very excited to be taking classes that I was actually interested in besides Drama and government. 

Although being a sophisticated college girl then, I still had a few friends that were still in high school. One of them being Andy, a friend I have known since 1st grade. Andy and I were pretty close and hung out almost every day and would spend our time watching Britney Spears music videos and eating junk food. 

One day in early September we were hanging out and he had told me he had something strange happen to him. Something that sounded too weird to ignore. He told me that when he looked at the digital alarm clock in his room or any clock that it read 9:11. He said this had been happening for at least a week. We told his mom, whom is a Christian and she said it must be a sign. He took it as a bad sign and that it wasn't going away , he kept seeing 9:11. 

Later that week Andy told me that he had a horrible feeling about why he was seeing the numbers 9:11 over and over again. So he decided he wasn't going to school that day because he was so scared. I believed him when he told me his thoughts on this. I remember the night before 9:11 I was hanging out with the guy I was dating and his friends. When they dropped me off that night I said to them " When you wake up tomorrow, you will find out that something really horrible has happened". They kind of looked at me crazy and I said my reasoning behind it and went inside and to bed. 

My dad woke me up and ...all I could think of is that the world was ending. My friend was right a horrible tragedy  had happened to our country that day. 

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