Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jeans check Boots check...celeb inspired fall fashions

One of of my all time favorite trends for fall is jeans with boots! I know this is a look that everyone seems to rock when the temps go down. Make this look your own by dressing up or down by adding sweaters, scarfs and jackets. Here are a a few examples featuring the look I love.

}Rachel Bilson-Coffee Shop Stroll{
Coffee Shop Stroll
Coffee Shop Stroll by Mslay featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs

}Katie Holmes-Katies Cableknit{
Katies CableKnit

}Natalie Portman-Natalies Nuetrals{
Natalies Nuetrals

}Katherine Heigl-Kozy Katherine{
Kozy Katherine

Kozy Katherine by Mslay featuring Fendi

}Jessica Simpson- Sexy Jess(
Jessica Simply Brown

}Jessica Biel-Keeping it Biel{

}Jennifer Love Hewitt-Jennifer Loves this Look{
Jennifer Loves this look

}Katie Holmes-Walking Holmes{
Walking Holmes

How do you make a look your own?

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