Saturday, September 24, 2011

Window shopping by the beach with mom

 Back in August I went on a little outing to the beach with my mom, Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar to be exact. I live relatively close to the beach in comparison to some of you that live in say, Iowa? So yeah I live like 25 mins away...but never seem to get down there because the traffic is always horri-bad and I have work or school everyday. But on one fateful afternoon my mom and I managed to make it down to the beach on my first day of vacation! We stopped by so many places including Anthropologie, Tommy Bahama, Bristol Farms and Bliss Home Design. I took alot of photos on the way, mostly for inspiration and to show you. So take a look at what I found. 

I came here in hopes of an out of this world window display but was a bit underwhelmed when I saw what they had in the window. Super simple and low key, not that it looked bad just not what I had expected. 
 Super simple window displays.

 Up close shot of the installation.

 Love the scarf and peach pants.

 Really digging the painted cinder block installation. Perfect for a garden. 

 Like the hanging ropes. 

 Saw this spoon napkin holder thought it could easily be recreated. 

 So so summer. Love the green blue and turquoise and fish netting.

 So many layers of merchandising.

 Thought this was a really intricate wicker bench. 

 All the glassware is nice but I'm drawn to the island more than anything. 

 Get it gurl! Visual design team working on installation art. 

 Now this is a whimsical door/cabinet. I would love to make on of these. 

 Love the bathtub. 

 The ruffle shower curtain is catching my attention. Liking the color scheme alot. 

 Flowy circle installation. 

 Everything has a mauve look to it. Makes me think of early morning when everything has that bluish purple glow. Cool Ikat chair and handwriting bedspread...Mhmmm. 

 Can you spot the chair on top of the canopy?

 Bold colors, Robes and light wood.

 Upon closer look there is a balcony. A kids dream come true. 

I always feel like Im on holiday time when i step into this store. Everything makes me want the weather to be hot and for my skin to be tight and tan. Their dresses are tdf but somehow never go on sale...? Do they and I just don't know it? Also love the sandals they sell here, very luxurious. 

 Sparkly sandals in silver and gold, perfectly paired with a french manicure. 

 This summer I was obsessed with the dip-dyed ombre look. This dress would have been my go to for summer date night. 

 I had to go around and touch everything, love the feel of soft sweaters while shopping in air conditioning. Love their visual merchandising. I feel like Im in a fancy walk in closet because of all the built in shelving that has decorative molding around it. 

 NEED those sandals, cute idea for displaying on faux grass. 

Relax is right.

For those of you not in the know, Bristol farms is a fancy schmancy gourmet market. It's under nice in there and so are the prices :) But it's still fun to stop by when Im in the area and pretend that I'm a millionaire for the day. I walked by the soup bar and a most mouth watering scent passed my way. I had to find out the cause. Out came the camera and I snapped a photo of the savory artichoke soup, now I know whats in it and will be making it this fall, ahhh yes. 

I had heard of this store before and finally got a chance to see it in person for myself. I spent a while drooling over all of their very well curated designs. The girls working there were friendly, I did happen to see an interior designer and she was working away at her desk and said hi to me. I saw that she had some client boards near her desk and I looked at them because for some reason I wasn't sure if that's what I really saw. I love that their firm does boards because I heard it was a dying art form with everyone using programs on the computer for faster results. Even the drawings including the elevations and axio's were hand drawn, not by her but the girls working for her! Great job ladies @ Bliss Home Design! 

While walking back to the car I spotted a vast collection of Adirondacks chairs! I'm obsessed with these damn chairs, one of my friends and I have an ongoing joke about these chairs. 

...the next day we left for Miami Florida! 
-Side note: To my mother if you're reading're one of my favorite people to hang out with. You and I can have such fun pretending to be rich while window shopping at the beach. It never gets old. I love you :)

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Erika [small shop] said...

Anthropologie always does such a great job with visual merchandising, right?

I haven't been to Bliss Home--I'm excited to check it out now!

So where do you live? I'm in Fullerton!