Monday, September 5, 2011

Jennifer Lolpez >The Kartrashians

I find it quite funny that after taking a quiz in my fashion analysis class I secretly want to look like a sexy alluring vixen. I usually dress in a boho/preppy style, thanks to my east coast roots. I admit I do have a bottom half that is comparable to J. LoL and Kim Kartrashian so it only makes sense that I have an alter ego that longs to dress in a more revealing curve hugging way. I know that if I started wearing clothing like that I could get alot of attention...maybe this is why I don't dress this way? I usually wear a uniform to my day job and dress casual at my other job and school. Where can I fit in this LOOK AT ME style of clothing  without looking like a trick? I guess that is the one problem I have with this style its over the top and not in the way that Im used to. I wear lots of color and patterns but not low tops or super short skirts or skin tight dresses. I'm willing to step it up in the dressing department and try out this look the next time I have a chance and see how I feel about it; physically, psychologically and sociologically. 

And finally I would like to say that I went to Kohl's today in high hopes of looking at the Jennifer LoLpez clothing line at Kohl's but it's not out till September 8th sads. I already caught a glimpse of The Kartrashian Kollection at Sears and as I mentioned here it looks WHORE-ABLE (get it?). 

Jennifer LoLpez for Kohls  > Kartrashian Kollection for Sears 

Go back to doing nothing, you're better at it. 

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