Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Patchwork Point Of View

Patchwork Festival isn't very hard to explain, yet many people misinterpret it for a granny old school craft fair that you had during the holiday season. That is until they get their butt's on over to The Patchwork Indie Art's & Crafts Festival! That's when they see what they've been missing out on for the past 6 shows. Now I too will admit I was once one of those people that thought " huh? whats a patchwork festival? A quilt show?" 

So, my friends, I dedicate this post to all of the artists,crafters, musicians, patrons, volunteers and the founders Delilah & Nicole, who put on a wonderful festival! 

Step into the Long Beach Patchwork Festival from my point of view. 

Here are some of the best of the best participants in this years 2011 Patchwork Festival: 

Created by Delilah Snell, an Orange County Master Food Preserver. She works with over 20 different Southern California farmers and local gardeners to create a number of preserved goods highlighting the flavors and seasons of the region.

An independently owned, local company you can feel great about supporting. Everything is made with love, by hand, using only the best ingredients this beautiful world has to offer.

A devilishly delicious Date & Bacon spread that sends you straight to heaven. 

Eco accessories, handmade for real life! Everything is made not only to look good but to be functional and practical for everyday use.

Handmade, up-cycled vintage jewelry. 

Hope to see you all at Patchwork this fall. 

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