Thursday, June 23, 2011

Browsing around

Whether the sun is out or the rain is falling, one of my favorite pastimes is going to my local bookstore to browse around. I could literally spend hours there ( and I have) just looking at magazine after magazine. 
But don't worry, most of the time I buy a few of them and I always them back in the right place. Must be a retail job (The Limited) that has made me a stickler for putting things back in their place. 

On my most recent coffee/bookstore run I brought a notepad to write down inspiration's etc. And look at what I found...

These parrot earrings caught my attention right away! 

I'm surprised this Ikat mug is still in stock. It's a bargain for how cute it is. Coffee commuter's unite. 
Wow this bag has Sheridan French's name all over it!

On a side note: I saw this new Moroccan argan oil line from Organics. It's their version of the coveted Morrocan Oil. Has anyone tried it or know more info on it?

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Slastena said...

We love bookstores too. My oldest one would live there if I'd let him. And , yes, I make put everythingback on a shelf too. Good habits die hard.:)