Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Metropolis Coincidence

It was the night before my final drafting class, my finger was blistered from being burned the day before and my mind was about to turn black swan on me so I needed to take a break from drawing. I sat back in my chair and thought about watching some of that documentary that kept popping up in my Netflix top 10. It was called Future Design, and honestly it looked cheesy. That's why I hesitated watching for it before. 

As I watched the film I felt more interested in it because there was a point when they asked architect Jaques Fresco what his influence was to become one. That's when images from a black and white images from a film called "Metropolis" began playing. He said he was abut 14 at the time when this film came out in 1929. I couldn't believe the imaginative images of the future that were made over 80+ years ago. This film about the future made me think of other films that came after it's time such as Matrix and Demolition Man. Really amazing stuff. 

After the documentary had ended I went back to my Netflix main page and that's when I noticed something funny. My newly recommended movies included "Metropolis" for me. At first I thought wow that's strange, but Netflix is smart and know's how to track your movie's based on your viewing history. So I wrote it off as a normal thing. Went to bed at 4am because I couldn't stand anymore strange coincidences or drafting.

The next day couldn't come any sooner and I was on my way to my final day of drafting class. I had a strange feeling, probably because I was running late and felt like a sleep deprived crazy person. I walked into class and sat down next to some of the other girls. They were going through magazines and finding inspiration to cut out. So I to decided to flip through some magazines to pass the time. I picked up one of the random old almost nothing left to it magazine from like 2001 I believe. My tired burnt fingers turned the page hoping for inspiring shot's or something more entertaining than what was going on at the moment. I looked at the page of the magazine and almost turned to the next. My eyes got big and I felt that sinking stomach feeling from what I  had just completely randomly stumbled upon. It was an ad for the the movie "Metropolis". 

How does this happen? 

On the last night before my last day of drafting class I watch a film that show's Metropolis, then Netflix recommends that I watch "Metropolis and then on my last day of drafting I randomly open a magazine to the page featuring a picture from "Metropolis". 

I just don't know what to think of it. 

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