Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mercantile Market May 7th

 Some of you may, or may not know that I have taken up a hobby of selling at Flea Markets! I have done two so far this year at the Mercantile Market in Downtown Fullerton, they're super fun and rewarding. I put lots of thought into what I'm doing because this is after all an expression of myself. There is a ton of behind the scenes work that goes into planning for these shows, I have to go hunting for pieces I know my customers will love and I try my best to listen to what you want and find it!

I also have an online store where I sell mostly apparel for baby, kids & adult so please check it out!

Here is my booth at the Mercantile Market this past May! This time around I brought my vintage clothing collection as well as second hand kids wear! Such a hit, if you love unique bright and fun clothing I have it! 

We sell succulents in vintage mugs and the're going for amazing prices! They make great gifts! Also so many people wanted to buy my display, its not for sale, but if you like it I found it at Ikea! 

Here is another view of our booth, chock full of vintage, bright colors and great deals! 

Don't forget you can find us on instagram @shopdecoaurora we're having a contest! check it out now!!!

The best feeling I get from doing these Flea Markets is seeing my customers happy when they find a new treasure! This little girl Natalie stole my heart, she was so excited after her mom got her this elephant romper and jacket! She came back a few moments later and had changed into it to show me her new look!

Check out the Next Mercantile Market Saturday June 2nd!

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