Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laura Burch Cat Artwork

If you really know me then you know that I love cats whether they are my own cats, someone else's cats or arts and crafts of cats. In my opinion the coolest cat artwork comes from Laura Burch, check it out and you'll see. She makes cats become mystical creatures that stare at you with lovingly big eyes.
I just might be the only person who would actually wear these Laurel Burch cat earrings. I love them they remind me of the ones my grandmother gave me for Christmas.

This past Christmas my Grandmother gave me a coin purse similar to this one. Mine is purple and on display next to my other ethnic cat tchotchkes.

-Blue Cats with Butterflies-

This painting is so mystical, I mean the blue cats are putting me in a trance. I'm not a huge fan of butterflies but I can make due because this painting is beautiful.

To purchase or find out more about Laurel Burch please visit the Laurel Burch website.

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