Thursday, January 28, 2010

Viva Terra Treasures

Viva Terra is an environmentally conscience company that sells an assortment of goods from furniture, dining, bed, bath, women's clothing and garden accessories. The word Viva Terra means living earth. Items sold through Viva Terra are well crafted, sustainable, earth friendly and look just as nice if not more unique than say...Jcrew.

I selected few items that would go wonderfully with my lifestyle and wardrobe...maybe I can purchase them with the $1,000 giveaway? Yeah you have until April 22ND to enter.

Yes! Straw Tote
Everything you've admired in our wildly popular scrap fabric Yes! Bag now comes in a lightweight woven straw tote. Yes, it features a deep gusset, and yes, it zips closed as well, with a handy interior cell phone pocket. So much audacious charm, so much style, and no hefty price tag to weigh you down with indecision.
15"H x 12"W, 13" STRAPS

Was $59, now $24 - save 60%

Floral Pajamas and Robe
Turquoise and burnt orange floral patterns float over a bright white field in our matching robe and pajamas. Great for travel, flattering to any body type, and luxuriously soft, this lightweight lounge wear set is also 100% green. When we first met the designer, she wasn't using organic cotton, so we had to pass. But when she switched to organic especially for us, we jumped at the chance to feature her stunning creations.Note: Organic cotton is a natural fabric without dyes or bleach so the color may vary slightly. PAJAMAS ARE SOLD OUT.
Were $118, now $82 - save 30%

Leaf-Print Organic Cotton Caftan
Woven from organic cotton, our extra-lightweight, soft, and roomy caftan looks great on everyone. At the beach after a swim or around the house, it quickly settles in as one of those rare perfectly adaptable pieces you'll find yourself slipping into eight days a week.
Was $79, now $29 - save 60%

She's Gotta Have It Bag
Does every woman need at least one bag that's too outrageous to keep locked in her closet? Here's the one you've gotta have. Whatever you want by your side as you move about, cell phone or make-up kit or Colette paperback, our bag helps to keep things organized and secure with a zipper closure. Its tiers of multi-colored silk scraps from saris flutter and flap in a festival of color, sure to get you scads of attention, all good. Each bag unique, no two are alike.
Price $69

Splashy Cool Linen Shawl
Airy, crisp, and weightless, this tropical-flower shawl is long enough to wear as a wrap, also wide enough to tuck around your waist at the beach and wear as a sarong. In short, a splashy summer statement and a perfect reason to celebrate this season's pleasures in and out of the sun. Only low-impact Eco dyes are used.
Price $69

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