Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sensual Rain

The rain has come and it will be soon long gone and back to the usual balmy Southern California weather. Lets take in the rain, be inspired and love it for what it has to offer.All of the recent falling of water from the sky has made the backyard look otherworldly like the set of Avatar. I had to go out and snap some photos to share.

Isn't it just beautiful? Mother nature has made her own color palate for us to enjoy. There is Citron, Plum, mossy green, Terracotta orange, charcoal and sage do you see it? Luckily I have some new rain boots which I have been meaning to buy since last winter. They have come in so handy with all the storms I wore them 4 days in a row. My backyard isn't flooded but it looks like it.I had a blast walking in those small puddles and my cat joined in on the fun as well. He hated the water! Once his feet were in it he ran across the yard and hopped on the fence. Poor cat, I had to go rescue him from the rain.

While I was outside I really enjoyed exploring the plants and how fresh and and alive everything looked. There was a veil of rain droplets covering everything. Was quite beautiful as you can see.

I'm not sure what this plant is called so in my book its the "coral reef" because it looks a lot like one. After the rain it looks so replenished and full of life! A bright orange variety of warm hues staring into the sky.
I guess I can be entertained easily as long as there is rain a camera and a cat involved. What do you do when it rains? Do you stay inside and hibernate like a bear or do you go outside and become one with the water?
Another thing I like to do when its raining is listen to Bossa Nova and or any other soothing music and read magazines and drink a beverage.
~Here are a few rain and water inspired songs to relax to~

Lamento by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Sexy, exotic & passionate~

Hairy Trees by Goldfrapp

~Sensuous, erotic and tranquil~

London In The Rain by Variety Lab
~Fresh, carefree & hip
Enjoy The Rain

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