Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zen Bedroom

~ Jody's Zen Garden~
Last week I got a text message from my friend Jody saying " Inspiration for room colors" accompanied by a photo of this Zen tea bag.
I few years ago I helped Jody re-decorate her room with a color pallet or Yellow, Black and White. Looks like this time around she will be having a bigger bedroom and is craving a new color scheme.
I have known Jody for ever so I know what she likes, Her style is vintage, girly, simple and involves a bit of D.I.Y.
~Inspiration Board~
So based on the Zen tea bag I came up with these items for Jody's room. A color palette of bubble gum pink, green and white.
I think that the organic floral prints and vintage Hawaiian poster go really well together with the vintage inspired white furniture.
I'm getting excited about this little project. I will update what come comes next.

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