Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cuban Getaway

When I find myself getting so caught up in my hum-drum life in O.C. I day dream of tropical places that I have never been to before. Florida is the most "Tropical" place I've been. It is also one of the most boring places I've been. I remember when I went to Key west it was one of the best trips to Florida Ive ever been on. That is when I went to the Southern most part of America and saw...CUBA.
From that day forth I have wanted to catch a closer look , well more like i want to be there!

If the colors look intense I wonder if the people are just intense as well. I could fit right in with them. I would wear only bright clothing and white linen pants. Espadrilles would come in handy too.

The smell of cigars is one I favor most of all the smoke smells. It is a deep earthy sweet concoction, and you don't inhale it.
Homes in colors of the rainbow, not all the same in a drab dull beige.
I could make friends with the Havana Brown cat. He is just like my cat back home.
Wearing no makeup just the glow from the sun and the dewiness from the heat.

I could be the token white girl in a country full of mysterious men, but I already have my own mysterious Argentinian/American. All I would really want to do is dance dance dance and more dancing.

And it would pay off when I win a competition!

And then spend hours at the beach with that guy, maybe. Haha no I would be lounging in a hammock or drinking iced tea under a palm tree.

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FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Hahaha! Too funny about Florida being one of the most boring places...SO true!