Friday, March 6, 2009

Getaway in Style

If I had my way I would not be working today and just go off to a hot place near the water. And this is what I would be wearing. Two options: The daytime trekking around the island Nautical look, and then the Night life dancing in the streets with a Mojito in hand kind look.

Sailing takes me away

Sailing takes me away - by Mslay on

I pretty much based this whole look off of these shoes which I think are really unique. I feel as if no one would be wearing them except myself. They kind inspired the whole look, all the colors were pulled straight from them.
As for the night life look, red hot polka dots can do me no wrong. Easy white espadrilles to stay on my feet all night and not make them ache later on. And some sprinklings of simple island elegance The Palm tree necklace and the coral bracelet to top it all off.
Where do you wanna go to get away? And what will you be wearing?

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