Monday, March 23, 2009

What are you doing for your birthday

Even though I'm far from being a kid I still celebrate my birthday every year with a party. It is a tradition that I have a theme and this year is no exception. Ive had a few people already ask me "So what are you doing this year?"

Well I'm trying to decide what exactly, I'm leaning towards these themes: a Latin Jazz party, Spring Samba Party or Gypsy theme.

All in all I want a BBQ, outside seating, lights in the trees, Mojitos and Latin Music(not the circus kind) I like Latin jazz such as Astrud Gilberto, Gypsy Kings etc.

I cannot wait to transform the backyard into a tropical paradise.

LAtin Dance Party
LAtin Dance Party - by Mslay on

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FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Sounds like such FUN!!! When is your birthday?