Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tales of DIY TeePee's & Merchandising

A  quick sketch of our window display that I did.

     You always start with a theme, that is where you begin to draw things together and get excited about window displays.This is exactly what happened when we decided to go with a Native American/Southwestern theme theme at RLT. I thought this theme would work for the store because we have a natural living and DIY presence and clientele. Take a look and see how it all came together. 

Eloisa did an awesome job painting the TeePee for us! Thank you :)

We began installing the Teepee and troubleshooting how to make it stay up. 

A view from behind (we merchandised this so it looks different).
Standing on a very tall ladder in a short dress...attaching the palate to the ceiling. 

Check out the shot of the teepee up close. The designs were made from strawberry boxes and blocks of wood. 

Putting the tools away and getting ready to see our final results. 

There she is our Native American Southwestern window display in all her glory! Don't you love how the Teepee is lit up! 
We are all so excited about how this window came out! Thanks to my ladies Eloisa and Leigh for doing a wonderful job designing and installing! 

Photos by Eloisa

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